Nicolaus Olahus: Epistulae. Pars Ⅰ. 1523–1533

2019. január 15. § 1 hozzászólás

reciti könyv

Olahus, Nicolaus. Epistulae: 1523–1533. Edidit, introduxit et commentariis instruxit Emőke Rita Szilágyi. 1. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medii Recentisque Ævorum. Series Nova 19. Budapest: reciti, 2018.

Miklós Oláh (1493–1568) is one of the most prominent humanists of the 16th century. Apart from his literary activity (book of letters, historical works, and poems), his fame is based on his political and ecclesiastical career. He reformed the operations of the Hungarian Royal Chancellery, and his patronage, book collection, and organizational talent made him well-known far and wide.
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